Safe transportation with high quality and low costs

Our concept at Höglands Logistik is to be an independent logistics partner with our customers. Our goal is to provide safe transportation with high quality and low cost. The logistics knowledge we posses enables optimized traffic and therefore we contribute to reducing the environmental impact compared to other logistic companies.


  • Our dedicated employees priority is to find the best solutions for our customers. 
  • The highest possible availability.
  • Rapid transport with high delivery reliability.
  • Both web reservation and EDI transmission for increased accessibility.

Certification of Transport Qualification

We are certified by the Transport Qualification System for Suppliers to Transport Utilities in Scandinavia. This means that we confirm what we will work with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and strive to follow the 10 principles set in the UN-Global compact act. Read more here.


Our vehicles all meet European environmental classification standards and having been equipped with a speed restriction of 80 km/h. We also plan and run our trucks in an eco-friendly manner. Our transport shall be favorable for our customers and the environment.

We offer transport services for long distances, courier services and overseas. They are carried out by our own trucks as well as our partners. We have partners in our network that allow us to use their trucks to provide timely services to customers in case of customer emergencies.


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