Our warehousing at Nässjö, has a central location in the heart of Götaland for distribution in Sweden, Scandinavia, Northern Europe and Baltic countries. We are close to the European road network, railway line and to the Jönköping Airport.

We create logistics solutions to our customers' needs, desires and expectations.
To meet our customers' different needs of logistics services, we offer a wide range of transportation and logistics services.
It is possible to choose integrated solutions for the transportation, storage and handling, customer service or certain logistics services depending on your current needs. 

We offer you the following services:  

Logistics services:

• Storage - free, rack, shelf, indoor and outdoor, FIFO ("First In First Out")
• Handling - unloading, receiving, loading, entry and removal included picking and packing
• Cross Docking - unloading, receiving, packing and removal
• Packaging & Labeling Mandate - with the customers included procurement of packaging when necessary
• Returns management - unloading, sorting, storage, removal, retransmission, security, destruction, etc.
• Sorting - unloading of container, set up on load carriers, packing and marking etc.
• Support - order processing, delivery monitoring, complaint handling, return handling, "track and trace", invoicing


Transport services:  
• Domestic transport  
• Foreign & long haul  
• Packaging & courier  
• Sling and scheduled transport  
• Daily distribution in the local area  
• Customs & forwarding  
• Additional services, time-release, camp, truck unloading etc.  

 For Us, nothing is impossible.

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Höglands Logistik Center

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