Höglands Logistik AB is an independent transportation and third party logistic facility based in Nässjö in the heart of Götaland, Sweden.

We can offer a wide range of services ranging from local package distribution to nationwide domestic transportation and various distribution arrangements. Through our network of partners we can also arrange for other transportation requests you may have.



We solve Your transportation with Your need in focus. The services
we offer You are:

Distribution. We operate daily from the following local areas: Småland, Östergötland and Västergötland. 

Sling / Lucky car. We run a number of loops per week, "scheduled transport". We have a different destination each week. We adapt to Your needs.
Long Haul. As a neutral intermediary with transportation partners throughout Sweden, we are flexible and are able to customize transportation solutions to customer requirements. Through an extensive network of independent trucking companies and with our own regular service, we have daily transportation to most cities in Sweden.
Logistic Broker. We provide logistics knowledge, goods, batches and customized solutions.
Courier. Through our established network of contacts, we can offer courier services all over Sweden.


November 2020 1,5%
December 2020 1,5%
January 2021 1,6% 
Höglands Logistics follows the General NSAB 2000 Agreement. These are the general conditions of Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders that sets forth the freight forwarders and the customer's rights and obligations. These include the freight forwarders liability under various transport laws and conventions.


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Höglands Logistik AB

Logistikgatan 3 

S-571 34 Nässjö


Tel +46 (0)380-60 01 20



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